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The web redesign for the traditional Zurich establishment is more than just the visual redesign of the website: it is the introduction of Modissa into the world of the digital and thus the international fashion business. A little late, but nonetheless impressiveā€¦

Fashion, people, moments


The Modissa customer is discerning. She appreciates fine materials and simple designs, personal service and fashion expertise. For over 70 years - and now also on-line: personal consultation is the top priority, in the web shop, as well as in the shop on the Bahnhofstrasse. Real-time communication.

Information, inspiration, identification


Reduced navigation, and filters for colour, material and style make it easy to find the products that you are looking for. Each garment is shown being worn, by real women who epitomise the typical Modissa customer. This creates transparency and certainty: You get what you see - and what really suits you.

Modissa Muses


The new website portrays photographers and fashion consultants, designers and artists: powerful women working at Modissa, for Modissa and in the Modissa environment. Personalities who identify with the brandĀ“s values and help shape, enliven and enhance the on-line experience.


Precise texts at all levels of the website not only help with providing clear, up to date and inspiring transfer of information, but also with search engine optimisation. The new web shop is a modular flexible platform which is connected to Modissa's existing Enterprise Resource Planning system, via an interface which was specifically developed by us.

Collaboration between Modissa and Hinderling Volkart

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