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From knife to frontend: click-clack


Modell Number One from Malvaux has one single blade that cuts with precision and easy to open and close: click-clack. Here comes malvaux.ch: very precise, a ballett of dancing knives: click-clack.

Bienne, Jura, Malvaux.

Malvaux was founded in the homeland of Swiss precision mechanics, the jura region around the city of Biel Bienne. This is where the knife has been pioneered, and where the website has been imagined.

Impressions that trigger emotions and super sharp close-ups

The imagery for Malvaux is Malvaux. Old forest wood and sharp stones. Shot in the Malvaux forest, it is warm and cold, sorrow meets happiness. This is Malvaux.

Collaboration between Malvaux and Hinderling Volkart

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