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Lena–Lisa Wüstendörfer

The "crystal-clear gestures" of the internationally renowned conductor shape the sound in a "gripping yet differentiated way", says the press. This is the approach, the leitmotiv for the new web presence. The result is an audio-visual experience choreographed by the conductor's language, her hand and body movements, and the music. Dynamic, digital, pushing the boundaries of what web technologies can achieve nowadays.


3 out of 12 per visit

Each visit to the site lena-lisa-wuestendoerfer.com randomly plays three of a total of twelve classical works - from Beethoven to Mussorgsky to Villa-Lobos. Animations, unveiling themselves to the user based on music and videos showing Lena-Lisa conducting create an addicting experience. It's a kind of magic. Naturally flowing color and movement patterns support the choreography.

Conductor and orchestra, WebGL and WebAudio

WebGL displays complex 3D graphics via hardware acceleration directly in your browser. We developed an innovative WebGL particle system, whose colors, dynamics and intensity are determined by the conductor's gestures tracked in the videos. Plus we added the frequency data of the music analyzed via Web Audio API, and finally optimized it all by a flow field. The result is beautiful. A digitally generated audiovisual work that reflects the relationship between human movement and musical sound.

One click for a WOW


We listen to classical music, see moving images - and at the click of a mouse, we recognize the connection: Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, who guides the musical work and conducts it. What visually reminds us of a cosmic spectacle is state-of-the-art technology. All in all, one click ahead, a fast and complete online portfolio.

Collaboration between Lena–Lisa Wüstendörfer and Hinderling Volkart

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