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Towards the sun


Edelweiss Air took off online in 2015. We removed the overweight baggage from the website and updated user experience and information architecture to the next level. The result is an emotional, content driven, functional web experience.

The perfect holiday destination - find and book

flyedelweiss.com is filtering travel destinations of the airline by interest, preferences and time of travel. With high quality imagery, precise information and curated tips, the user of the website can discover his next perfect vacation destination.

Playful inspirations

The Edelweiss slogan “heading to the sunshine” is the core value proposition of the new experience platform. The user follows the position of the sun through scrolling. In real-time he can discover the diverse travel destination across the globe and see where the Edelweiss fleet is currently traveling to.

Experience Edelweiss

On the virtual timeline, social media posts are posted in real-time and impressive moments from personal onboard experiences are being shared. Films portray the emotions and dreams of people during their travel.

Collaboration between Edelweiss and Hinderling Volkart

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