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The new web presentation reflects Berne´s true identity as the dynamic centre of a diverse tourist destination, far from being a slow-paced and dull city of civil servants.


Detail pages



A fascinating complexity which engages the user


Its 600 detailed pages in 6 languages lead the visitor on an intuitive and self-explaining virtual discovery trip throughout Berne´s tourism region, with compact and easy-to-understand information, at any level. UX like relaxed holidays.

Berne in 20 seconds


Initially, the user is prompted to select his personal favourites from a series of short clips featuring Berne. The user gains direct access to selected tips and background information, offers and recommendations - this is what distinguishes bern.com not only as a lightning-fast intelligent information platform, but also as an individual source of inspiration.

Videos, videos, videos


Short film sequences are the core element of the web presentation. They bring attractions and events to life. The videos are made available in the CMS with a few clips. They are arranged into collections and curated. Almost like simple text. Highly appreciated by the user.


Long-term cooperation

Beyond the simple content handling of the website, it is our ambition to expand and continuously update bern.com: to authentically represent this beautiful region. This is why we are committed to developing a long-term partnership with Bern Tourismus.


Collaboration between Bern Tourismus and Hinderling Volkart

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