Hinderling Volkart

Digital Excellence

Interaction Developer (60%)



Hinderling Volkart creates outstanding web experiences and digital products. We are the #1 digital agency in Switzerland. Inspired design makes the difference and smart implementation drives sustainability.

At HV Italic in Basel we only make digital products and services. The web experiences we produce require good development.



Interaction development is at the heart of our process. Our frontend owns the interaction design. How it feels, moves and dances. Engineering design into pieces of code. We work hard to do it on the highest level. Reusable, modular, innovative.

Our frontend leverages a state-of-the-art technology stack to build fluid experiences for our users. You will be responsible to craft user interfaces for complex digital products and websites. You will work with a small team of nice people. Designers and developers. You will build digital excellence together with us.



Your ideas on design and technology roughly align with ours. You can float or flex and help us move towards intrinsic webdesign. You like to move it move it because time is form as we transition beyond the viewport. You know Twig but also like headless and reactive systems. You got over javascript fatigue and still feel good about managing rectangles. You focus on frontend, but you could fix a bash script or even read some server side code. Oh, and you know the issues with different browsers and are not too afraid of content management systems, especially Craft CMS. Plus, you love to get the details right. You love animations and know how to use them for a better experience. You work independently while still taking part in conceptual discussions. You feel comfortable working with small, cross-functional teams. We aim to learn from each other, and enjoy a relaxed yet ambitious work environment.



At HV Italic we want to provide a work environment that contributes to your happiness and personal growth. We actually ship things with as little friction as reasonably possible. We do have coffee and offices at central locations in Basel, Zurich and Bern. Your home base will be Basel, but you can work anytime, everywhere. This job opening is part time, so give us +/-60% of your time and do other fun things with the rest of it. You can speak any language you want.

Interested? Yay! Please get in touch: jobs@hinderlingvolkart.com