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Frontend Developer 80–100% 💊

HV Bern

The Job
Interaction development is at the heart of our process. It is all about the user experience. You build the puzzle pieces for the interaction with the user. You drive how it feels, moves and dances. Engineering design into pieces of code. We work hard for a result on the highest level. Reusable, modular, innovative, fast, light, beautiful, meaningful. Our frontend leverages a state-of-the-art technology stack to build fluid, exciting and meaningful experiences for our users. You will be responsible to produce user interfaces for complex digital products and responsive websites. You will work with a great team.

Your Profile
You can bend HTML, CSS and JS to create magic and wisdom: You master meaningful semantics, SEO and social media markup. You know the tricks and traps of browsers. Aria means more to you than the first name of certain Stark girl. You are totally into CSS and you welcome complex layout challenges. You love to tinker quick prototypes, but you nonetheless have the stamina for extensive projects. You can talk to people, browsers and machines. You are into fine tuning micro interactions, animations and UX. Geometric genius and WebGL knowledge are a welcome bonus! We don't look for blind executioners of god given design – we expect you to challenge and review both concept and design. You feel comfortable working with cross-functional teams and a variety of backend partners.

We aim to learn from each other, and enjoy a relaxed yet ambitious work environment. We want to provide a work setting that contributes to your happiness and personal growth. We have fantastic coffee and offices at central locations in Basel, Bern and Zurich. Your home base will be Zurich. You can work part- or full-time. You can speak any language and you will choose your own head phones. We will provide you with a free mobile phone subscription, free Squash, Tennis and Badminton and free locally brewed beer to make up for.

We are so looking forward to learn about you. jobs@hinderlingvolkart.com

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